SwingTracker: New App Features

PITTSBURGH – SwingTracker now allows for players and coaches to compare two swing paths from the same swing session in the 3D view screen, the option of taking and saving swings when their SwingTracker sensor is on, but not connected to an iOS device, as well as personalizing and naming their SwingTracker sensor.

1) 3D Swing Compare

  • While each player or coach can use SwingTracker’s newest 3D feature to their liking, this useful tool an be used for comparing swings, looking for differences or similarities in the swings and distinguishing between what may have been a good swing or a lesser swing.

2) Disconnected Mode

  • If a player or coach does not have immediate access to an iOS device, the SwingTracker sensor will now record all the swings taken during a specific swing session and then populate the app with those swings when the user re-accesses the SwingTracker mobile app.

3) Naming Your Sensor

  • A player or coach can customize the name of their sensor in the app for personalization as well as organization. This can be helpful for organization and user sanity when there is more than one sensor in an area. Moreover, this is particularly useful if the sensor’s name is written on the bottom of the sensor – coaches and players can quickly tell which sensor is paired to which phone in a more legible fashion.

Please take a look at the videos below to see these new features in action.


3D Swing Compare:

Disconnected Mode:

Name Your Sensor: