SwingTracker Softball

PITTSBURGH – The SwingTracker Softball App, designed and engineered exclusively for softball players, is now available in the App Store.

Softball players and coaches will have seven skill level benchmarks, ranging from youth to professional, to draw a comparison point and determine opportunities for improvement. These numbers are calculated from Diamond Kinetics players all across the U.S. and constantly updated.

Players can easily switch their comparison group if they want to get a quick view of where they stand against a higher level of play. These database comparisons are available at the summary level (Last Session, Last Month, Last 3 Months, Last Year, Lifetime) and also at the individual swing level.

While specific metrics and database comparisons are a powerful window into the swing that has not been available previously, for many players and coaches, visualization of the swing is also an important tool to understand nd improve.

SwingTracker provides this through its 3D Rendering + 3D Drills, in which the swing plane and path to the ball are recreated in actual speed, slow and super slow modes, with a bat speed and hand speed data visualization chart. The view also provides the ability to manually move forward/backward to any point in the swing and zoom and rotate the view of the swing from any perspective.

Below is a look at the SwingTracker Softball Swing Plane and Hand Cast 3D Drills:

SwingTracker Softball also includes the following cutting-edge features:

    • Skill Level Comparison: Benchmark your swing against skill levels ranging from Youth to Professional
    • Video Sync: See how body movement links to key speed metrics at every point in the swing
    • Web Access: Drill down deeper into your data to analyze trends in your swing over time
    • Deeper Analysis: Unlocks analysis never available before to supplement swing training
    • 3D Viewer: Watch the bat path and plane from start to finish, with included speed metric data visualization
    • Connect: Link and share data with coaches, trainers and teammates in-between, during or after practice