Taking The Handcuffs Off

PITTSBURGH(1 min read) In Part 8 (and the final installment) of “How Technology Unlocked My True Potential At The Plate” at the 2017 American Baseball Coaches Association Convention in Anaheim, Calif., Master Hitting Instructor Dan Koosed of Pro Swing Rx explains how to use bat sensors such as SwingTracker to create higher exit velocities and elevated launch angles with your swing.

“Give the players the information. Take the handcuffs off and let them see what they can do. And you will reap the rewards with numbers in the ‘W’ column.” – Dan Koosed

And In case you missed it….


Here is Part 7 in which Dr. Clark tells us the ‘physics behind the cause’ and how SwingTracker can give players and coaches insight into what needs to happen in order to get higher launch angles combined with increased exit velocity.

Part 7:


In Part 6, Dr. Clark tells us the optimum launch angle and exit velocity combination in order to get results and do ‘damage’

Part 6: