What’s New In SwingTracker 3.4


PITTSBURGH – The biggest release to the SwingTracker mobile app is available today, with a simplified and easier-to-understand user experience for coaches and players.

With SwingTracker 3.4, coaches will see an improved flow to match how one would use the app in a quick, high-intensity training session. Moreover, the swing view has been made simpler and more relevant to specific data that both players and coaches have been asking for.

Hitting goals have been added as well to enhance the training experience for players and coaches alike, while the 3D view now features multiple metric views in addition to the ability to compare a real swing with the 3D version of the same swing side-by-side.

What’s in SWINGTRACKER 3.4 (more details and screenshots can be found below)

1) Create a group

  • You can now create a group from within the app by going to “My Groups” in “Connections” and selecting to “Create a Group”.

2) Manage group members

  • If you are the administrator of a group, you can add members to the group, change the group’s description, and change the group’s privacy settings from the “My Groups” section of the app.
  • You can remove a group member by swiping left on the name of the group member you would like to remove.

3) Add a new player from your account

  • You can now create a new profile for another user from within your own profile by using the “Add a Player” feature found in “Connections”

4) Coach and player specific home pages

  • The homepage has been slightly adjusted between a coach and a player profile.  Players will have “Connections” and “Trends” available on the homepage while Coaches will have “Groups” and “Add Players”

5) Additional Instantaneous 3D metrics (*DiamondCLUB feature, not for LITE users)

  • When viewing the 3D rendering of a swing using the 3D viewer, you can now change the instantaneous metrics from barrel speed and hand speed to any of 9 instantaneous metrics (barrel speed, hand speed, momentum, hand cast, hand path, acceleration, approach angle, forward barrel speed, distance in the zone).

6) 3D to video compare (*DiamondCLUB feature, not for LITE users)

  • You can now compare the 3D view of a swing to a video, if available, of any other swing in the current session.  

7) Hitting Goals

  • Hitting goals have been added that pre-selects up to four focus metrics based on the chosen goal.


Create A Group


  • You can create a new group by selecting the “Create a Group” button under “My Groups” in “Connections”
  • You are automatically made an administrator of any group you create


Manage Group Members


  • By selecting a group of which you are an admin, two new options appear beside the group name that allow you to edit the group and to add new players to the group.
  • By swiping left on a player’s name, a “Delete” button will appear that will allow you to remove that player from the group.


Add A New Player From Your Account



  • There is a new option in “Connections” to Add a player that will let you create a new profile for another user.
  • Selecting the button with the silhouette and the sign will bring up a registration form that you can use to create a new profile.  The new profile will automatically be added as a connection to the profile used to create the user.
  • Selecting a group and then adding a new player will add the new player to that group when created.


Coach & Player Specific Home Pages



  • The coach profile homepage has buttons for Groups and to Add Players.
  • The player profile homepage has buttons for Connections and Trends.


Additional Instantaneous 3D Metrics*



  • The instantaneous metrics found in the 3D view, barrel speed and hand speed, can be changed by selecting one of the two colored metric displays and then choosing the metric you would like to see from the ensuing list.
  • You can now choose to view instantaneous metrics for barrel speed, hand speed, momentum, hand cast, hand path, acceleration, approach angle, forward barrel speed, and distance in the zone


3D To Video Compare*



  • You can select a video from a swing in the current session to compare to the 3D rendering of a swing.
  • Turn the phone horizontal to bring up the side by side compare view, from the “Compare Swings” section select a swing with the video icon (the indicator that the swing has a video present), and then press the camera button in the top right to bring up the video for the chosen swing.


Hitting Goals



  • You can select a hitting goal in your profile that will pre-select in your focus view the metrics that are most important for your chosen goal.
  • To select a hitting goal, go to “Settings”, select “My Profile”, select the row for “Hitting Goal”, choose your goal, and then hit the “Set as my goal” button.
  • Descriptions of each goal and the metrics that will be chosen are listed for each goal you choose.
  • The listed hitting goal metrics will fill the focus metric and trend screens with those particular metrics.


* DiamondCLUB feature, not for LITE users