WIN Reality & Diamond Kinetics Team Up To Create Revolutionary Virtual Hitting Experience

AUSTIN/PITTSBURGH – With the goal of providing the most advanced training methods to hitters in baseball and softball, WIN Reality and Diamond Kinetics have come together to create the most revolutionary, game-changing, hitting experience in the world.



Real Swings. Real Feedback. Real Results

Hitters will now be able to connect WIN’s VR Oculus Quest 2 controller and DK’s SwingTracker (iOS/Apple Compatible-only) to their very own bat and take real, game-speed, practice at-bats from anywhere… in a true virtual environment.  

By combining WIN Reality’s virtual-reality based technology with Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker Bat Sensor into a singular, real-life training experience, players will have the opportunity to understand the swing and train like never before.


With WIN Reality VR, hitters will be able to accurately recognize pitches, discern the difference between a strike and a ball, and to make their swing decision during the optimal timing window. 

At the same time, DK’s SwingTracker will also allow them to gain insights into bat path, barrel speed, contact point, launch angle, and projected hit distance – all shown in WIN Reality’s virtual environment. 




Sign-up now for the chance to take part in WIN Reality’s incredible Beta Hitting Program and be part of the future of baseball and softball training!

• STEP 1: Buy your SwingTracker Bat Sensor today (Important Note: iOS/Apple Compatible-only). Use code: DKWIN to receive a $15 off SwingTracker – Then follow the steps on the WIN Reality website to get into their Beta Hitting Program  

• STEP 2: Order your WIN Reality Bat Attachment and subscribe with WIN Reality BEFORE January 1st to be part of the Beta Hitting Program that officially starts as early as January 18th, 2021. Users who sign-up before the end of 2020 will receive up to their first 6 months of hitting for $0. 

• STEP 3: Begin hitting in the WIN Reality Beta Hitting program as early as January 18th. When you subscribe as part of this program, your Diamond Kinetics Premium Hitter Subscription (iOS/Apple Compatible-only) is included at no additional cost as part of your WIN Reality subscription (See WIN Reality website FAQs for details).

The future of swing training is here. Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to get ahead of the competition and be one step ahead of the competition in 2021.

BUY SWINGTRACKER NOW (Important Note: iOS/Apple Compatible-only)




Through extensive research from WIN Reality’s team that includes R&D, Performance Science, Data Science, Innovation, Software Engineering, as well as former professional baseball and softball players, the company developed the ability for the Oculus Quest controller to visualize a real bat in virtual reality. 

This development meant hitters could use WIN Reality’s VR-based application with a real bat, as opposed to a player taking ‘swings’ with the Oculus controller 

With the controller responsible for visualizing the bat in VR, WIN Reality needed a device that could be the main source of accurate swing path tracking. 

This is where Diamond Kinetics comes in.

WIN Reality began independently researching and evaluating bat sensors. To test and gather data on all that was needed, the WIN team relied on laser measurements, motion capture technology, and high speed cameras in its Research and Development Lab to determine if the data returned by a given sensor was accurate. 

According to WIN Reality’s test results, “Diamond Kinetics proved that they could provide the training experience our users needed because of their reliability and accuracy.”

From there, WIN Reality developed a calibration process that utilizes both Oculus tracking and Diamond Kinetics tracking to ensure accuracy during a real swing. After further testing with a wide array of players and swing techniques, WIN made even more refinements and is now set for public testing.



The coupling of WIN Reality with Diamond Kinetics is a perfect combination between two companies that are consistently striving to push baseball & softball training forward to give future generations of players accurate and beneficial training. 

Why would you want to take this step into this virtual reality world of hitting? 

Here’s why: 

  • Take live batting practice in the comfort of your own home 
  • Practice against thousands of game-speed pitchers
  • Train on recognizing pitch types
  • Sharpen your ball/strike batting eye
  • Make better, quicker ‘trigger’ decisions
  • Measure & Track Barrel Speed
  • See & Understand Bat Path + Approach Angle
  • Use DK Swing Fingerprint to improve hot/cold hitting zones
  • More confidence
  • More insight into the swing
  • Revolutionary training method
  • Research-driven results



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